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It’s Ridiculously Fast.

Whether you’re booking from your mobile phone or your notebook, we remember all your preferences. Complete your booking in 10 seconds flat.

So Easy a Fifth Grader Could Use It. 

It is by far the easiest way to make, change or cancel a booking. No extra app to download. On Facebook Messenger, on any device, just type one chat line, and you’re done!

It’s Amazingly Cheap.

Enjoy discounts of up to 40% in every booking. Get the most out of your company’s travel budget, and enjoy great perks for yourself.

You Get Cash Back Credits.

For every successful booking you make with us, you receive credits you can spend on any future bookings.

It's Easy To Cancel and Simple to Make Changes.

Your plans change, and cancellations are an everyday reality. It's super simple to cancel your booking (and may even be FREE - restrictions apply. If you need to change your dates, just type a single chat line. Done. Simple. Free.

We <3 You.

We want to know your unique needs. Our priority is to respect your time, always. We will never keep you waiting so you can kiss call centers goodbye.


Chat line


Seconds to book



Up to 40%


HotelBot in Action

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