About HotelBot

We’re frequent business travelers ourselves that got sick and tired of wasting 30 minutes waiting for the call center to change the dates of our bookings. We got sick and tired of taking almost 10 minutes every time we needed to book a hotel online. We got sick and tired of having to go through hoops in order to cancel a booking (not mentioning the outrageous cancellation fees). 

So we decided to do something about it!

We created a hassle free, 10 seconds experience, to book a hotel, cancel, or change dates of a booking, with nothing to download, just straight from Messenger. 

On top of that, you get up to 40% savings in every booking, get Credits with every booking, and a simple way to cancel bookings.

So, if you travel for business more than 15 times a year, we created HotelBot for you.

Frequent business travelers that book hotels by themselves are not that many (not really a big niche, we know), but still, we believe something had to be done to help busy people get things done faster.

HotelBot: You’ll love us – if you know where you’re headed.

Our Team:

Gonzalo Arzuaga (46)
Co-Founder & CEO
Started doing business online in 1996. Sold 2 internet companies, wrote 10 books, speaks 5 languages.
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Matias de Tezanos (37)
Co-Founder & Chief Traveler
Created Hoteles.com back in 2000, and sold it to Hotels.com in 2003. He’s been creating big online businesses since then.
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