Give $50, Get $50 – The Best Referral Program Ever!

We know you’re busy so we created the best referral program in the industry. Give $50 to your colleagues to try us out, and for every colleague that takes you up on your offer (and becomes a first time customer), you’ll get $50 in Credits towards future bookings you make with us.

How does HotelBot’s referral program work?
It’s pretty simple. You have to share your personal HotelBot link with your colleagues, by email, messaging, posting it on social networks, etc.
When they click on your link and become a customer, each of you gets credited $50 towards future bookings.

How much could I make?
Unlimited, really. Some people with large networks could easily rake $5,000 dollars or more. Imagine how many free hotel stayings that could turn out to be! Maybe you can stay at hotels for free during one year?

What’s the catch?
There’s no catch, really. We want to compensate you for telling the people you know about HotelBot. And at the same time, we want to incentivize new users to try us out. In order to get the $50, the new user should be the first time he/she interacts with HotelBot, and does a real booking (at least $200) and actually checks in at the hotel. When that happens (actually at check-out date), it triggers the credit in both accounts ($50 for you, $50 for the person you referred) towards future bookings.

Does anyone qualify?
Business travelers that NEVER interacted with our chatbot before. Not only is the first time they interact with HotelBot, but also they become a customer (at least $200 + taxes in cumulative bookings). We just want to draw the line somewhere to keep the wrong people away. If your colleagues are considering trying a great new service out, we’ll give them a hand. The $50 in Credits apply towards future bookings, not towards the current one.

Why does HotelBot offer such a generous referral program?
In the end, it’s about marketing dollars that we rather give to you than to a large company we could buy ads from. As a business person, that’s a concept you can easily understand. Also, we could offer you just $5 per colleague you refer, but that won’t motivate you to do the extra effort to talk about us. So we decided to go all in, and go for the very attractive ‘Give $50, Get $50’ program.

When do I get the Credits?
At check-out date of the colleague you referred to HotelBot (after having $200+tax in cumulative bookings), you both get the $50 in Credits each, at the same time.

When can I use the Credits?
Your credits will become available in your account for you to use from next booking on. You could pay a booking entirely with Credits, or use your credits to pay less money for your booking.

How do I use the Credits?
Easy. Next time you’re booking a hotel, at checkout we’ll let you know how many credits you have available for use in your account. And you might decide to use them in that specific booking, or leave them for later. If you’re not shown the number of credits available at checkout, it means you still have no credits.

Why I still have no Credits?
The fact that you posted your personal HotelBot link on Facebook, Linkedin or sent emails to your colleagues doesn’t mean they became customers just yet. Or maybe one of them already booked with us, but you get the Credits when that person checks out (in the booking that gets to $200 + taxes). So if your colleague made a booking that’s going to happen in 6 months time, then, that’s when you’re gonna get the Credits in your account. Until then, you won’t get any Credits from that colleague.

Also, what could happen is that a colleague told you he/she clicked on your link BUT he/she already were a user of HotelBot before. You don’t get credited for already existing customers.

When do Credits expire?
Never, Credits will never expire. You can redeem them whenever you want. You can use them towards spending less per booking, or you can collect them and get a free night(s) altogether.

How do I start referring colleagues?
Great to hear you like our referral program! The very first thing you need to do is find your personal link.
We made the link pretty easy to remember: but please find what ‘yourname’ is in your case: Go to the bottom of the chatbot (, there’s a menu hidden in there (at the bottom). 

Click the ‘Give $50, Get $50’ option. Then click ‘Invite colleagues’, and you’ll see it: “Your personal link is:…”. The colleague you referred has to book (and effectively stay) for at least $200 in cumulative effective bookings. 

Can I redeem some of the Credits per booking?
No, you have to redeem 100% of the Credits at any booking. You can’t split your Credits into several bookings. If your booking is $750, and you have $120 in Credits, you have two options:
1) Pay the $750 with your credit card, or
2) Use all of your credit (the full $120 you have), and then pay the remaining $630 with a credit card.

If your total booking is less than the total Credits that you have in the account, the leftover Credits will remain in your account. For example: You book your staying for $750 and you have $800 in Credits, after that booking you’ll still have $50 left in Credits in your account, to use in future bookings.

Can I transfer my Credits to my boss?
No, your credits are personal and non-transferable. They belong to the individual that’s registered with that specific Messenger account. You can’t transfer your Credits to anyone.

Do I lose my Credits if I have to cancel the booking?
Yes. Once you use your credits in a booking, they’re gone for good. No matter if your stay is effective, or you had to cancel it. We have to protect ourselves from people trying to trick the system, I’m sure you understand.

Where do I get my personal link?
Go to the bottom of the chatbot(, there’s a menu hidden in there (Messenger calls it Persistent Menu). Click the ‘Give $50, Get $50’ option. Then click ‘Invite colleagues’, and you’ll see it: Your personal link is:…

Where can I see who I referred?
Unfortunately, you can’t. You just get the credits every time you referred colleague becomes a first-time customer.

More questions?
If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us: info [at] hotelbot [dot] com