How It Works

HotelBot works on Slack and Facebook Messenger, for now. You could also open your Messenger app on your phone or tablet. Or on your computer go to

If it’s your first time visiting HotelBot, you’ll have to click the Get Started button.
Then, you select the ‘Book a room’ option.
Just type the hotel you want to stay in, the city, and dates you’re going there. For instance Miami July 3 – 5
As a smart chatbot, I can understand airport codes (like SFO for San Francisco, MIA for Miami), as well as dates in different formats. For instance Mar 9 – 12, March 9 to 12, mar 9th to 11th, etc. Test your favorite way and see if it works, most likely it will!

For instance, these sentences are easy for our chatbot to understand:

Westin Atlanta, Nov 12-14

SFO from Dec 1 to 3

Miami from October 5 for 3 days

mia dec 10-12